Student Reflection Blogs


Student Reflection Blogs

From their Sustainable Investing Research Consulting Project Experience!

Embarking on this reflective journey through the Sustainable Investing Research Initiative (SIRI)

In the world of sustainable investing, projects often go through a journey that involves

As our consulting project enters its next phase, I find myself reflecting on the winding path

As I continue working on the consulting project, I find myself immersed in understanding

Our team of graduate consultants is presently working with an asset management firm

As I move forward in the research on stakeholder sentiment on impact materiality

As we reach the midpoint of our sustainable investing project, it's an opportune moment to

It's been one and a half months into the project. Our team was diving into a pool of legislation

Our team’s goal is to assist our client in engaging with the state legislation-making process

In the pursuit of sustainability within the leather industry, the innovation around greener

Navigating the realm of materiality within sustainability reporting has been a journey of

As we navigate the midpoint of our project with a venture capital firm, I've immersed myself in