Curriculum and Careers

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Curriculum and Careers

Courses in Sustainable Investing @ SIPA

SIRI has launched several new courses in sustainable investing. The following courses are currently being offered at SIPA:


PhD-level Courses

Financial Economics of Climate and Sustainability | Instructors: Patrick Bolton, Ben Caldecott, Caroline Flammer, Stefano Giglio, Geoffrey Heal, Marcin Kacperczyk, Stefan Reichelstein, Laura Starks, Peter Tufano

Organizing the Climate Transition | Instructors: Tima Bansal, Rodolphe Durand, Fabrizio Ferraro, Caroline Flammer, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Ioannis Ioannou, Desiree Pacheco, Paolo Quattrone, Juliane Reinecke, Sara Soderstrom, Jeff York

Masters-level Courses

INAF U6886 - Social Impact: Business, Society, and the Natural Environment | Instructor: Caroline Flammer

INAF U8908 - Sustainable Investing Research Consulting Project | Instructor: C. Sara Minard

INAF U6693 - History of Sustainable Investing | Instructor: David Wood

INAF U6695 - Climate Finance, Policy, and the Just Transition | Instructor: David Wood

INAFU6697 - Capital Market Mobilization for Mitigating Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss | Instructor: Frederic Samama 

INAF U6702 - ESG and Corporate Political Strategy | Instructor: Dylan Minor

INAF U6704 - ESG and Fiduciary Duty | Instructors: Ingrid Dyott and Elizabeth Belanger

INAF U6705 - Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting | Instructor: Neri Bukspan

INAF U6690 - Sustainable Finance I: Foundations of ESG Investing | Instructor: Lukasz Pomorski

INAF U6692 - Sustainable Finance II: System-level Investing | Instructors: William Burckart and Jon Lukomnik

INAF U6708 - Impact Measurement and Management | Instructor: C. Sara Minard

INAF U6696 - Impact Investing I: Foundations | Instructors: Harry Guinness and Greg Levin

INAF U6698 - Impact Investing II: Blended Finance | Instructors: Harry Guinness and Greg Levin


Read about the Students' Reflections on their Sustainable Investing Research Consulting Project Experience.

    SIRI Career Pathways Curriculum Guidance

    The SIRI Career Pathways Curriculum Guidance is intended to provide guidance in course selection. 

    SIPA students from across programs and concentrations may be interested in pursuing careers in the broader field of sustainable investing, ranging from sustainable finance, impact investing, project finance, impact measurement and management, ESG reporting, DEI, corporate sustainability, social entrepreneurship, sustainable development, etc. Students who seek positions in the broader sustainable investing space bring diverse experiences and aspirations to their career development efforts. To help you plan your curriculum, we have developed several career pathways with suggested courses.

    Click here to view the guidance document.


    Student Opportunities

    Our students regularly take part in sustainable investing case competitions such as the IEN Student Corporate Engagement ChallengeKellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing ChallengeTurner MIINT, and the Net Impact Sustainable Cities Impact Investing Challenge. If you are a current Columbia student and interested in participating, contact us.


    SIRI Careers in Sustainable Investing

    Are you a SIPA student/alumni interested in pursuing a career in sustainable finance, impact investing, ESG, corporate sustainability, or social entrepreneurship?

    • Please visit SIPA Connect for current job and internship opportunities in sustainable investing. SIRI closely works together with SIPA’s Career Advancement Center and posts all opportunities on SIPA Connect (you can use the search filter “Sustainable Investing Research Initiative (SIRI)”).
    • Join us for our upcoming SIRI Sustainable Investing Career Fair! Stay tuned for more information.

    Are you a recruiter looking to fill your internship/job openings in sustainable finance, impact investing, ESG, corporate sustainability, social entrepreneurship, etc. with well-trained, talented, and passionate graduate students?

    • Contact us at [email protected]! We will be most happy to share your internship and job opportunities with our graduate (Masters and PhD) students and alumni.
    • Join us for our upcoming SIRI Sustainable Investing Career Fair! Stay tuned for more information.
    • Visit the “Engage with Us” tab to explore additional ways how to connect, support, and engage with the Sustainable Investing Research Initiative. We look forward to hearing from you!