SIRI’s activities focus on the following five pillars: 1) the development of better measures to track progress toward the mitigation of system-level challenges; 2) the fostering of rigorous academic scholarship on system-level investing; 3) improving dialogue by convening and hosting leaders from academia, policy, the public and private sector; 4) the development of new courses and extracurricular activities to educate the next generation of leaders in policy, investment, and business; and 5) executive education to educate the current generation of leaders. These pillars aim to complement, inform, and mutually reinforce each other.

System-Level Investing

"System-level investors support and enhance the health and resilience of the social, financial, economic, and environmental frameworks upon which they depend for long-term returns while still generating competitive or otherwise acceptable performance." 

(Steve Lydenberg, 2023)

The Five Pillars

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December 15, 2023

Going The Extra Mile

Dale Carnegie, renowned for his love of strawberries and cream, famously said, "I didn't bait the fishing